Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's so Cold in London

Hello from London!

It feel so weird being here and I wish I didn't have so much to complain about but I do. Since the weather has been in the 90's for all of August in Philadelphia and it's usually the hotter month of the year, I didn't think about packing any sweater (my sister is coming in two weeks and she is bringing my last 2 suitcases) and oh gosh was I in for a surprise!

It's raining more than I ever remember - or was it because I was so in love and missing Mr. Chic that nothing else mattered every time I saw him; hence me not noticing the weather...

Speaking of Mr. Chic, we are adjusting to living together and it's a riot in a frustrating but funny way. More on that later.

Till then,


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tomorrow Night....

.... I will be on a plane to see my love!!!!

Poor thing, instead of seeing a beautiful wife, he will face (lol) all the breakout pimples on my face from all this stress. eich! I have never felt this overwhelmed or overworked in my entire life. This move is going to kill me.

Anyways, I always love taking pictures of clouds from the airplanes, particularly on international travel since the plane is so much higher in the air. Weirds things I do right? LOL

But I can't wait to be up in the air knowing it's all "over".


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I always love quirky save-the-dates. They get my creative juice streaming (yep) and put the wheels in my head in motion...


Monday, August 16, 2010

Are you easy to Love?

Happy Monday Blog World!

I read an article thru a "page" on facebook, which I just discovered( and it really resonated with me.
My biggest fear is for Mr. Chic to get to the point where he'd just put up with me and find it hard to love me... and we will become one of those couples! I know I am not the easiest person to love and I am grateful that he loves me anyways, and without *much* complaints. But everyone has a limit right? So I better be careful.

Not sure if that makes sense but I want him to enjoy our love...

"Let’s make the goal being easier to love. What if we focus on bringing more of the good stuff into our relationships? Believe it or not, the more good stuff you bring in, the less room there is for the toxic stuff!"

I like that!

One of our engagement pictures from our fabulous wedding photographer

So, are you easy to love? Does it even matter to you?


Thursday, August 12, 2010


Who knew they were so many things you could do with cake!


Nice wedding cake:

Individual miniature cakes for dessert

Or masterpiece or whatever this is...

So many options!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Babies On The Brain????

Or maybe not!

If someone could guarantee I would be a good mother AND Mr.Chic, myself, and BabyChic would be this stylish AND happy AND in love ALL the time, I would jump on the baby making wagon. Till then, it's negotiation with Mr.Chic.


Yep! I guess I am a selfish superficial person like that.... or I am just really freaked out at the idea of messing up!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finger food



Monday, August 9, 2010

Plane tickets

(So I guess as I am moving away from wedding planning to married life, this blog will reflect the changes in my life... So instead of talking about how to find a great deal while shopping for a wedding dress, let's talk about how to find a great deal buying a plaine ticket. Deal? Ok!)

In the last four years Mr. Chic and I have been together, I have always avoided traveling in August as the prices for planes tickets are completely ridiculous!

Bust since I kept moving my "move-in" date from June to July to August and then September, Mr. Chic finally put his foot down and August it is! I am still freaking out from time to time about the no job situation but it getting much much better!

Back to the plane tickets. I've never used an agent before and with all the traveling I have done in my life, I want to believe I am pretty good at getting good airfares deals. But since I couldn't find anything under $2k for this trip -Say what now? - I went back to all the tricks I learned before:

  • Always get a roundtrip tickets (one-way to London was $2400 and round trip was $1900)
  • Fly mid-week day (Mondays and Fridays are obviously the most expensive days to travel and it is always a good idea to stay a Saturday night because you get a non-business traveler rate)
  • Find nearby airport instead of your home/destination airport if that makes sense to you (traveling from Newark instead of Philly would have saved me $300 but that wouldn't be worth it since I have 7 suitcases and therefore couldn't hop on the train.... and renting a car would cut that saving in half and I would get on one of those car rental buses with 7 suitcase and.... well, you get the point! So this route was not worth it for ME in THIS particular instance)
  • Keep your date of travel flexible (unless it's an emergency or the dates are set in stone, I always use "my dates are flexible" option on any website I am looking at. That way, I can see what the lowest days to travel are around my ideal date, play around with it, and usually then determine my date of travel.)
  • Keep your time of travel flexible (If you are flying west to east, red-eyes are almost always cheaper. However, International overnight flights -which I prefer as they help with jet lag- are not too different in prices with the daytime international flights -which I dislike because I basically waste a whole day in the air)
  • Start shopping early and give yourself plenty of time (the best deals obviously go early. 21-days before your departure date is usually when you can find the best deals, unless you want to do one of those last minutes deals- a week to a few days before your trip... not always guarantee though! Particularly for popular destinations such as London/Paris/Vegas/NYC/etc)
  • Keep looking and looking and looking (Prices fluctuate throughout the weeks and most airlines never advertise discounted seats. Also some people say that most airline companies re-boot their servers every Tuesday nights so the best time to snatch those beautiful deals one hour after Tuesday midnight, so Wednesdays at 1:00 AM. You can read more about why that's true here. So like I said, keep shopping.)
  • Don't only look at non-stop flights (but be careful that your layover is not too long if you are going on a short trip, or so short that you may miss your connecting flight)
I can go on so much more details but this should do for now... and I save $800 (could had been $1100 but oh well). sweet!

So i followed all the trick AND went on on a website i just came across: (And no they don't pay me to recommend them here. LOL!) It helps you compare prices not only from the actual airlines but also from all the consolidator sites such as expedia, travelocity, etc, after which you can go on the website where you see the lowest $$. It's a bit of "shopping around" but that's how else do you find good deals right? So I hope these "tricks" help someone out there!

So in exactly 10 days, I will be on a plane (by the way, why do you say hop in a car but hop on a plane?) to see my love and we can actually live permanently in the same continent.


Now if I could miraculously ship all my luggage there with a magic wand and not deal with all the suitcases, I will be very happy!


Friday, July 9, 2010

I guess it's Michelle O

Remember this post I wrote few months ago about whether you would prefer to be Michelle Obama or Oprah?

Well, I wish Mr. Chic could win the lottery and I'd be a trophy wife and I would dine and volunteer

Back to reality

Well, I guess I will be a stay-at-home wife for a while.
I wonder if I will be good at it...
We decided I am moving to the UK in the next month (a date that kept changing from May to June to July to now August- Thank goodness he is a very patient man!)
I know it's absolutely the right decision for both of us
But looking for a job from here is hell (can't do it during the day since I am at work; have to take care of a billion things when I get home and can't make any phone call till 2 or 3 AM because of the time difference and then I am tired the remainder of the day at work)
So I just have to bite the bullet and just do it.
Next month it is then
I am moving and then continuing or rather -starting more efficiently- the job search.
Who knows how long it will take for me to get a job
I haven't depended on anyone since I was 16 years old
I guess God is teaching me to be humble and learn how to depend on other people... Mainly on the husband.
So this blog my turn into my adventures as a broke stay at home wife
So do I just say, honey I need money for new panties? LOL!
This should be fun

Friday, June 18, 2010

Vendredi Video - Pasma + Eric

Yep that's us!
It's our wedding trailer.... Still have to wait a few months for the full length film or complete recap. I can't even tell you how many times I have watched this. LOL

I hope you like it!

Pasma & Eric Wedding Trailer from Derek Dienner on Vimeo.


I Am Mrs. Chic Now!

Hello Blog world!

Sorry for the really long absence. I have been struggling for two days on how to write this post.

I will start by saying that I love being married. It's better than I ever thought it would be. Not sure how to explain it....

The wedding itself was weird (at some point I will give you all the juicy details) and I wish I was one of those girls who come back after their wedding and say, "things went wrong but it was perfect." LOL. It wasn't and I am trying not to be bitter about it. But I love that at the end of the day, I became Mrs. Chic!

Since the wedding day, I have stayed away from anything wedding related. I wanted nothing to do with any of it! That is so weird since my life revolved around wedding planning for almost 18 months, whether it was just obsessing thoughts, procrastinating attitude, or even actual productive wedding planning. And now nothing!

Now that the wedding is over, I guess I just wanted something else to obsess over that is not wedding related (maybe I need to get knocked up or something... Just kidding). So you can say I lost my wedding planning mojo!

I am sure it will come back as I get my pictures and videos back though!

Meanwhile, I just wanted to come back and say thank you to all the readers and followers who have given me advices on the multiple decisions I was struggling with, and encouragements along the way. So thank you!

I can't believe I am someone's wife! I am Mrs. Chic now. Ick!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Take a Sip

Since half of the people on our guest list don't drink ANY alcohol and most of them don't know much about mix drinks, I wanted to give them a cute little non alcoholic drink (Mocktail) that wouldn't be boring, and will give them an option outside of the regular sodas and juices. So we decided on doing a signature drink.

But I would be a bad hostess if I left my {heavy} drinkers out, so we decided to also do a signature cocktail as well

So if I want to keep in/with the wedding colors, I can do a Shirley Temple for a mocktail
and a Blue Hawaiian (not blue Hawaii- know the difference? lol) for the cocktail.

...but I think we will invert the glasses for service.


And for those of you who want to give your non-drinker guests something interesting to have at the cocktail hour/reception, or those who are having a non-alcoholic reception, you can spice things up a little. Oh yeah, the mocktail is exactely the same price as a glass of soda or juice or water as far as our reception drink bill is concerned. Go figure!

Few other mocktails....
From left to right Strawberry Sparkler, Peachy Gingertini and Mango Kiwi Cooler from Yum!
(clockwise from middle back) – Enak Sling, Citrusy Slide, Cue Fresh and Sublime from

Here is a link to a LONG list of mocktail recipes... Here is another link to another long list!

I hope this inspires someone in the blogsphere. Have a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

DIY Photosharing card

So I always get annoyed when people take pictures of me and I never get them "back."

Since we are having a weekend filled with events and we hired a photographer just for our ceremony and reception {and it will take a while before we get our pictures back from him}, I created a photo sharing site with Shutterfly. This way, we can see every one's pictures and hopefully this will satisfy me!

To let our guests know, I designed this cute little cards on Photoshop and printed them through VistaPrint on business card size paper. I will put them in our out of town baskets and somewhere at the reception...

The actual cards came out crooked but it was dirt cheap and I can't be bothered right now.


BackWelcome page

[sorry I am having technical difficulties showing you what the page looks like... I will try reloading it later]



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dance with my Brother

I mentioned earlier that my brother will walk me down the aisle and dance with me. I can't decide between:

Dance with my father from the late Luther Vandross

Dance with Cinderella from Steven Curtis Chapman

Both songs are fitting, so it's not helping.



Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Sorry for the absence
I have so much to say but at the same time I don't have anything to say.
I miss blogging
I miss you guys
Plans are moving forward
Jour J - 12.. eek!
That's all


Monday, May 10, 2010

Guess Who This Is

OMG, it's J Hudson!

I saw this picture on my blogger friend Yaye Marie's blog and I didn't recognize who it was.

If she can loose all the weight, why is my ass seating at home getting bigger everyday? I have no excuse. I mean, I realize that she is loaded and has all sorts of personal trainers that create specific/targeted exercise routines for her (on top of her weight watcher "diet"), and she is not working a 9 to 5 and blah blah blah....

But I need to give the girl some credit!

And this after giving birth? Like I said, I have no excuse. Maybe it's married life.... or maybe she just had a really good reason to do this. But whatever the case may be, she is just plain fabulous and I admire her.

I feel like I need to do a before-and-after shot for full effect, but those always made me feel weird so I won't. If you don't know her (and therefore what she looked like before,) you have been living under a rock and you need to google her. So no "before" picture, but two beautiful "after" silhouettes!

Getty Images through


Napkin Folds

I mean, who else will obsess over this but me, right?

Now some "prettier" pictures of napkin folds/place settings from

So many choices + no time to be indecisive = bad bad bad


Thursday, May 6, 2010

DIY Invites

It took us forever to decide on what to do with the wedding invitations. We wanted to incorporated our wedding colors but not have something too similar to our Save the Dates and their pockets. We also didn't want the two projects to look completely disconnected and we knew we wanted our guests to feel like they were receiving a gift. You know? Give them a peek into the wedding celebration.

But I wasn't sure where to start and I was getting frustrated until I looked at my juicy bracelet and it just clicked! I guess I find my inspiration in non-wedding things. Remember how we decided on the wedding colors? LOL. Anyways...

My inspiration:

The real deal:

So I started looking around for the perfect {gasp} boxes. Perfect in sizes and in colors. But everything was so expensive and I was almost ready to give up. Then I "left" the wedding business and looked at jewelry boxes, and Bingo! Then I had to find the right ribbons and voila!

The box

I embossed the flourish on top of some of the boxes (bad picture from my cell phone)

I only used the flourish of our monogram throughout this project, unlike the save the date where we used the actual {whole} monogram.
Now that we had pretty wrapping/presentation box, how about the actual invite? LOL. I admit my priorities are twisted!

When you open the box, you see a light pink tissue paper sealed with our second monogram.

When you open the tissue paper, you see the actual invite.

Guess what's under the invites....
Yep! Jelly beans :)

I got really adventurous and gutty, and ordered butterflies brooches from a factory in China I found on Alibaba (I recommend that only for the courageous out there. Long story!) I designed the brooch and they custom made it. Between the language barrier, time difference, Chinese New year celebration, and my indecisiveness, this wasn't easy at all. But I knew what I wanted and I wouldn't pay $6 to $20 a brooch here in the US.

When the top lid of the box is flipped, you see the inserts. I used one half of the flourish and I designed the inserts such that when they are all stacked, they look like one design/picture. We had 4 inserts (African Celebration, Information, Reception, and RSVP)

Open the ribbon and you can see all four inserts

On the back of the RSVP, we gave people 3 ways to RSVP, one of which was through the addressed envelopes. Sorry, no actual pictures but they were the same material as the inserts (metallic light pink card stock) and I printed the addresses through my printer. Sorry etiquette gods, no calligraphy for these broken fingers. Here is the design I did to see how it would come out

Almost half of the boxes ready to be stamped/labeled and/or wrapped My living room floor was a no man walking zone for a very long time!

So glad this project is over!


Bank Transaction Denied...

So my photographer was trying to get his last payment and my bank wouldn't let him.

Apparently, I have never spent a few thousand dollars on photographer and flowers so the bank "got suspicious because of the irregular activities and they put a hold on my account".

Hum yeah, I am not getting married everyday, bank people. LOL! Nothing about this whole process is "regular."

I guess I should be grateful that they are looking out for me but now I have to go through an automated machine for 30 minutes I don't have tomorrow because my bank is lame. LOL.

I keep telling myself better safe than sorry... Don't get mad, better safe than sorry... Don't get. Oh boy!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DIY Invites- Preview

Now that they are all gone and RSVP are painfully slowly coming back, here they are. They took forever and I almost hated myself for even starting with this. Was is worth it? Well, let me answer that when my fingers regain life, after all the cutting, folder, pinching, gluing, etc...

For some guests, I wrapped the invitations in a khaki brown craft wrapping paper and used labels for the address.

For others, I didn't.

I originally wanted to wrap all the invites going internationally but ended up not doing it. and they got there in perfect conditions!
I used the same return address stamp I used on the STDs, which I had received for free form VistaPrint earlier last year...
The rest of the suite coming up tomorrow!