Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dance with my Brother

I mentioned earlier that my brother will walk me down the aisle and dance with me. I can't decide between:

Dance with my father from the late Luther Vandross

Dance with Cinderella from Steven Curtis Chapman

Both songs are fitting, so it's not helping.



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fashiondiva1981 said...

ooHHHH CHouette! You made me cry this morning! song by Luther is by far my favourite! The lyrics are so powerful. Is that the original video clip? It was cute the part wih Beyonce dancing wih her dad. It made me realise how much I wished my dad had played a more important role in my life. It is the perfect song for any daddy girl! I say go for it!!!!!
Are you having any other dances like we do sometimes at African wedding?
P.S. Don't disappear again. The big day is approaching very fast so we don't want to miss all last minute details! LOL!