Monday, May 10, 2010

Guess Who This Is

OMG, it's J Hudson!

I saw this picture on my blogger friend Yaye Marie's blog and I didn't recognize who it was.

If she can loose all the weight, why is my ass seating at home getting bigger everyday? I have no excuse. I mean, I realize that she is loaded and has all sorts of personal trainers that create specific/targeted exercise routines for her (on top of her weight watcher "diet"), and she is not working a 9 to 5 and blah blah blah....

But I need to give the girl some credit!

And this after giving birth? Like I said, I have no excuse. Maybe it's married life.... or maybe she just had a really good reason to do this. But whatever the case may be, she is just plain fabulous and I admire her.

I feel like I need to do a before-and-after shot for full effect, but those always made me feel weird so I won't. If you don't know her (and therefore what she looked like before,) you have been living under a rock and you need to google her. So no "before" picture, but two beautiful "after" silhouettes!

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3 commentaires:

Mon petite Niche said...

oh my god!
so my excuse that oh am African and the butt can't go away no matter what i outta the window.
where are my soccer going running. Am tired of people around me loosing weight while I who exercise all the time..barely loose anything....I know I Know...I have soccer thighs...and its all muscle but I do not want all that muscle anymore.
My soccer career is over..i want to be "slim" lookish:(

Bicoastal Bride said...

Wow! She looks amazing!

fashiondiva1981 said...

OMG! unbelievable! WHy did you have to post this Chouette? Now, I feel so bad that I need some chocolate to calm me down, LOL! I really don't know what else to try to loose some weight!!!! I am very frustrated now!!!!