Monday, May 3, 2010

Michelle O vs. Oprah!

Which one would you want to be? Michelle or Oprah?

Maybe not to that level, but that's how I am looking at the changes ahead of me. Mr. chic and I decided a long time ago that we want to live here in the US. Unfortunately, immigration does not agrees with our plans, or rather is making that very difficult right now. If we were to stay in the US, Mr. Chic and I would spend another year apart, which we refuse to do after we are married. We did the long distance thing for four years and it's hard and VERY expensive. So since I still have my European citizenship it would be easier for me to get a job in the UK (technically.) So we finally made a decision.

I am moving to London!

It will be a temporary move and my hope is to come back in the US in the next 2 or 3 years when we start our family, since my support system apart from him (and his, to a certain extent) is here. But that return time is not certain.

Oh Gosh! I am happy we made a decision but so scared. We prayed about it and I know deep in my heart that's the right thing to do, but then my mind wonders. What if I don't find a job? can I really stay at home and be a good housewife? Maybe if he wins the lottery or something. Then my dream of becoming a domesticated and sex goddess can become reality! I would be one of those women who dines, or become a Michelle O. A very intelligent and educated woman who decided to use all she has to support her husbands from the background. She is {presented as} a good wife, a great mother, a role model for young women, and Mr. Chic thinks she's so pretty (I will keep quiet on that, but) She holds it down and is everything to her husband, and he puts her on a pedestal at every chances he gets. It almost sounds perfect. That is almost what I want. But we know her as President Obama's wife. Not sure how to explain it, but I need more than just being someone's wife. And they are loaded. LOL!

Thing is, I always thought I wanted to be an Oprah. Do it all, conquer it all! I've worked so hard to get everything I want out of this live and all those Engineering degrees will just... well, let's not get there.

I guess I want what Both of those women have. A successful career, a stable and loving family, a husband I am proudly rooting for, and who is as equally proud of me. I want to put my {positive} stamp on this world before I die. I have big dreams. Most of them require me having a job though. LOL!

Mr. chic and I have plan of starting a business. I thought I needed more time, more experience. But maybe it's time to start now... Or I can just get a job and all will be good!

Things we do for love! I never imagined I would even consider this kind of choice few years ago. But there is no other place I rather be, than at this crossroad.


PS: This is in no way saying anything against stay-at-home moms. Many of my friends are and I really respect that. Most of the time, I even envy that, but I am no mom {yet- and it might take a while to become one} so I need to do something. LOL!

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Chocolate Lover said...

Wow! Congrats! I know it wasn't an easy decision to make. But at least the two of you have been together. I have been in Vancouver with Mr. Milk for about a year now, without a job or the opportunity for one. Initially it was tough, but slowly I got my head around it, and found things to keep me busy. It can still get tough at times, but I would do it all over again cause living together has been truly great! Good luck with your move and keep us updated. Plus if you ever need to vent you can always drop me a line :)

Jhe'anell said...

Oh my gosh, I was in the same boat as you last year - up until a few days before the wedding, I had no idea where I was going to live. We ended up moving to NY...things didn't work out and now we're back in Florida...and things seem to be falling into place for the most part. In the end, no matter what plan we have, God has his own plan and he will put you on the right path even if it's a path we never thought we'd be on. I too struggle between being super business woman and/or being a young stay at home mom (eventually). I'm just going to leave it in Gods hands - he'll let me know which way to go :)

I am glad you and the Mr long distance is coming to an end - I did it with my husband for the first year of our relationship and like you said, it was very hard. I'm so happy for you two, you're such great people and deserve all the good things that happen for you :) I'm very lucky to have had the pleasure of meeting you both

Enjoy the rest of your week :)


Ms. Chouette said...

Chocolate Lover- I will take you up on that offer. I am glad things are working out for you and it gives me hope all will be good with me too. Thank you!

Jhe'annell- I figured from your posts that you moved back and congratulations on the move. I am glad you to know I am not the only one in that position. But I love your stand "Leave it in God's hands"

Thank you for the sweet words. It really was our pleasure meeting you guys and we love how you work so well together...