Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's so Cold in London

Hello from London!

It feel so weird being here and I wish I didn't have so much to complain about but I do. Since the weather has been in the 90's for all of August in Philadelphia and it's usually the hotter month of the year, I didn't think about packing any sweater (my sister is coming in two weeks and she is bringing my last 2 suitcases) and oh gosh was I in for a surprise!

It's raining more than I ever remember - or was it because I was so in love and missing Mr. Chic that nothing else mattered every time I saw him; hence me not noticing the weather...

Speaking of Mr. Chic, we are adjusting to living together and it's a riot in a frustrating but funny way. More on that later.

Till then,


4 commentaires:

Frugalista said...

When I think of London I think of fog and rain! Hope you adjust to the weather and your new living arrangements!

buhdoop said...

I love London. It was like race didn't exist there. Endure the weather lady, try to accept London fog, rain and all. Also, they have great museums that are free!

Just me said...

Hey Mrs.E, I hope that you are keeping well and enjoying married life in London :)))

Mon petite Niche said...

i thought you had stopped posting!
glad you havent even though your last post is in are slacking young lady:)
if its any consolation..i dont know where you are but its cold in atlanta and i set up a tent in my apartment and i havent stepped foot out all weekend