Monday, August 9, 2010

Plane tickets

(So I guess as I am moving away from wedding planning to married life, this blog will reflect the changes in my life... So instead of talking about how to find a great deal while shopping for a wedding dress, let's talk about how to find a great deal buying a plaine ticket. Deal? Ok!)

In the last four years Mr. Chic and I have been together, I have always avoided traveling in August as the prices for planes tickets are completely ridiculous!

Bust since I kept moving my "move-in" date from June to July to August and then September, Mr. Chic finally put his foot down and August it is! I am still freaking out from time to time about the no job situation but it getting much much better!

Back to the plane tickets. I've never used an agent before and with all the traveling I have done in my life, I want to believe I am pretty good at getting good airfares deals. But since I couldn't find anything under $2k for this trip -Say what now? - I went back to all the tricks I learned before:

  • Always get a roundtrip tickets (one-way to London was $2400 and round trip was $1900)
  • Fly mid-week day (Mondays and Fridays are obviously the most expensive days to travel and it is always a good idea to stay a Saturday night because you get a non-business traveler rate)
  • Find nearby airport instead of your home/destination airport if that makes sense to you (traveling from Newark instead of Philly would have saved me $300 but that wouldn't be worth it since I have 7 suitcases and therefore couldn't hop on the train.... and renting a car would cut that saving in half and I would get on one of those car rental buses with 7 suitcase and.... well, you get the point! So this route was not worth it for ME in THIS particular instance)
  • Keep your date of travel flexible (unless it's an emergency or the dates are set in stone, I always use "my dates are flexible" option on any website I am looking at. That way, I can see what the lowest days to travel are around my ideal date, play around with it, and usually then determine my date of travel.)
  • Keep your time of travel flexible (If you are flying west to east, red-eyes are almost always cheaper. However, International overnight flights -which I prefer as they help with jet lag- are not too different in prices with the daytime international flights -which I dislike because I basically waste a whole day in the air)
  • Start shopping early and give yourself plenty of time (the best deals obviously go early. 21-days before your departure date is usually when you can find the best deals, unless you want to do one of those last minutes deals- a week to a few days before your trip... not always guarantee though! Particularly for popular destinations such as London/Paris/Vegas/NYC/etc)
  • Keep looking and looking and looking (Prices fluctuate throughout the weeks and most airlines never advertise discounted seats. Also some people say that most airline companies re-boot their servers every Tuesday nights so the best time to snatch those beautiful deals one hour after Tuesday midnight, so Wednesdays at 1:00 AM. You can read more about why that's true here. So like I said, keep shopping.)
  • Don't only look at non-stop flights (but be careful that your layover is not too long if you are going on a short trip, or so short that you may miss your connecting flight)
I can go on so much more details but this should do for now... and I save $800 (could had been $1100 but oh well). sweet!

So i followed all the trick AND went on on a website i just came across: (And no they don't pay me to recommend them here. LOL!) It helps you compare prices not only from the actual airlines but also from all the consolidator sites such as expedia, travelocity, etc, after which you can go on the website where you see the lowest $$. It's a bit of "shopping around" but that's how else do you find good deals right? So I hope these "tricks" help someone out there!

So in exactly 10 days, I will be on a plane (by the way, why do you say hop in a car but hop on a plane?) to see my love and we can actually live permanently in the same continent.


Now if I could miraculously ship all my luggage there with a magic wand and not deal with all the suitcases, I will be very happy!


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Frugalista said...

Glad you are finally going to be with your honey! 7 suitcases! I totally understand why seeing as how it's a permanent move. It just sucks that the airlines are gonna get you on checking your bags. It's probably still cheaper then shipping it USPS.

Ms. Chouette said...

Yep, way cheaper than shipping it. Should be an interresting journey...